Partners In Health’s Dr. Paul Farmer Joins Buoy Health Medical Advisory Board

Health tech startup Buoy Health expands medical advisory board with
addition of renowned humanitarian Dr. Farmer to advance its mission to
deliver high-quality healthcare services through AI-powered health
platform in regions with limited access to medical resources

a health technology company that develops AI-powered digital health
solutions that empower people to effectively manage their own health and
health care options, today announced that Dr. Paul Farmer – a
world-renowned humanitarian, co-founder and chief strategist of Partners
In Health, Kolokotrones University Professor at Harvard University, and
Chair of the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard
Medical School – has joined the Buoy Health Medical Advisory board. The
addition of Dr. Farmer to the medical advisory board will help Buoy
Health in its mission to expand the accessibility of health care,
particularly in resource-poor regions of the world.

“Buoy is partnering with leading medical organizations to expand the
knowledge of our AI-powered platform. Today, we have millions of people
tapping into the vast knowledge base of the Buoy Health platform for an
accurate assessment of their symptoms, but of course, they have access
to a digital connection to do so,”
said Dr. Andrew Le, CEO of Buoy
Health. “Providing wider global accessibility to a deep knowledge of
expertise, especially in resource restricted regions, is the next step
in healthcare. With Dr. Farmer joining the Buoy Medical Advisory Board,
we have expert guidance on how we can deploy the Buoy Health platform to
share medical expertise and specialties across borders and aid in
delivering high-quality health services to everyone, everywhere.”

Buoy Health is an interactive AI-powered platform that analyzes
symptoms, facilitating first line triage and making recommendations for
next step medical treatment.

Known for bringing high-quality medical care to those in need, Dr.
Farmer has helped organizations like Partners In Health reach more than
4 million people with primary care and 8 million people through
secondary and tertiary care. A lifelong advocate for health and human
rights, Dr. Farmer’s expertise, experience and guidance will help bring
the growing wealth of medical knowledge acquired in the Buoy Health
platform to areas with limited access to medical resources.

“Access to modern medical care starts with accurate information,” said
Dr. Paul Farmer. “The potential impact an AI health data platform
like Buoy Health can bring to communities that lack medical resources is
profoundly promising. As part of the medical advisory board, I look
forward to collaborating with the Buoy team to pioneer ways we can share
this vast wealth of medical data to improve the lives of people around
the world.”

As technology becomes more mobile, AI-powered tools can bring knowledge
to remote areas, supporting patient triage and recommending course of
action, whether it is assessing a child’s cough and symptoms for
tuberculosis in Peru or sharing critical medical information with staff
in Haiti’s Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais.

Le concludes, “Our goal is to leverage AI to help amplify the mission
of healthcare champions like Dr. Farmer. With his guidance, we can
elevate the accessibility of the Buoy Health platform to aid those
serving for a greater good. And equally as important, we can continue to
capture critical medical details from the far-reaching corners of the
world and share it back.”

About Buoy Medical Advisory Board
The members of the Buoy
Medical Advisory Board are world renowned for their advancement in the
health care industry. The breadth and depth of their collective
experience helps define the Buoy Health road map, innovating the
platform to bring the very best health care service to everyone.

About Buoy Health
Buoy Health is a health technology company
that develops AI-powered digital health solutions that empower people to
effectively manage their own health and health care options. Formed at
the Harvard Innovation Laboratory in Boston, MA, Buoy Health’s team of
doctors, product designers and software engineers developed its smart
symptom checker, Buoy, in direct response to the downward spiral people
face when they attempt to self-diagnose their symptoms online. The
technology behind Buoy leverages artificial intelligence — powered by
advanced machine learning and proprietary granular data — to resemble an
exchange one would have with their favorite doctor to provide consumers
with a real-time, accurate analysis of their symptoms and to help them
easily and quickly embark on the right path to getting better. Buoy
Health is based in Boston and was founded in 2014. For more information,
please visit


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