Milestone Systems Verifies Qumulo File Storage for Video Surveillance

Milestone Users Can Now Use Qumulo to Easily and Efficiently Store,
Protect and Access Video Surveillance Data

the pioneer of hybrid cloud file storage, today announced verification
with Milestone XProtect®
video management software (VMS) from Milestone
, a leading provider of open platform video management

“With this verification from Milestone, Qumulo is able to provide video
surveillance users with the assurance our storage solution has been
designed and tested to work seamlessly in Milestone environments,” said
Molly Presley, director of product marketing, Qumulo.

Milestone users can now employ Qumulo
file storage
to store, protect and access petabytes of video
surveillance data, on-premises or in the cloud. Qumulo is ideal for
scalable storage workloads like video surveillance, delivering the
high-performance and integrated robust data protection required for
these environments.

Milestone’s software supports more than 7,000 cameras and hardware
devices and is proven in more than 150,000 installations worldwide. The
company’s open platform community, which now includes Qumulo, is a
network of over 8,000 hardware providers, camera manufacturers and
software developers who integrate their products and applications with
Milestone Systems’ video software platform.

Video surveillance, including Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), body
cameras, and aerial cameras, has become a critical security tool for
businesses and public-sector organizations such as governments, schools
and law enforcement agencies. As the role of video has evolved, video
surveillance environments present an increasingly unique storage
challenge. Organizations are increasing the number of cameras, moving
toward higher resolutions, and keeping video assets longer.

“Traditional storage solutions are often unable to meet modern customer
needs for performance and capacity when it comes to video surveillance;
it’s expensive to add data protection and redundancy and disruptive to
add incremental infrastructure. This is where Qumulo differentiates
itself from legacy storage providers,” said Presley.

With today’s verification, Qumulo now provides Milestone users with:

  • High-performance, scalable storage: Qumulo allows Milestone
    users to incrementally support their growing performance and capacity
    needs with a simple, scale-out architecture that uses
    Ethernet-attached storage and processor nodes. Capacity and
    performance can be automatically incorporated without downtime,
    ensuring that video surveillance operations continue seamlessly.
  • Cost-efficient, secure data protection: Qumulo provides
    built-in data protection, through the use of erasure coding and
    snapshots, for secure data retention without the need for adding in
    another backup solution or second copy. This enables Milestone video
    surveillance users to cost-effectively meet the demand for longer data
    retention requirements. If a second copy is desired, built in
    replication is available to move content to a second site.

    gain additional cost benefits as they are always able to fully utilize
    the capacity that they have paid for. Unlike many file storage
    solutions that reserve 15-20 percent of the purchased usable capacity
    for system administrative tasks, Qumulo’s advanced file system allows
    organizations to use 100 percent of the usable capacity purchased.

  • Real-time insights: Milestone users have simple, centralized
    access to all video surveillance data. In addition, with the use of
    Qumulo’s cloud-based analytics, administrators can access capacity
    trends to indicate how much storage is being added PER camera.
    Monitoring these trends over a period of time allow organizations to
    proactively plan for capacity growth and/or to make changes to
    retention management. This is a feature not available with other
    storage solutions.

The combined Qumulo-Milestone solution is available today through
Qumulo-certified resellers and the Milestone
, which recently launched on Feb. 20.

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