InMoment Extends Leadership Position in Future of Feedback with Launch of the Experience Intelligence (XI) Platform

—Engineered with data science at the core, XI allows brands to easily
go beyond traditional metrics to meaningful analyses

—First of its kind, XI features three intelligence clouds that
seamlessly unite customer, employee and market feedback to end an era of
rising experience gaps

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—Engineered with data science at the core, XI allows brands to easily
go beyond traditional metrics to meaningful analyses

—First of its kind, XI features three intelligence clouds that
seamlessly unite customer, employee and market feedback to end an era of
rising experience gaps

InMoment today announced the launch of its latest innovation, the
Experience Intelligence (XI) Platform™. The XI
blends beautiful applications with unique underlying
science and technology to enable leading brands to more fully understand
the complex and dynamic nature of experiences across all their
businesses and channels.

Experiences today are spoken, shared, lived, recorded, clicked and even
socialized, which has stressed businesses trying to understand and learn
from these experiences using traditional survey and relational
technologies. With XI, InMoment introduces a novel big data
architecture, allowing experiences to be stored in any native format and
thus analyzed and understood at a deeper level using modern, scalable
data science techniques. The platform future-proofs organizations
against missing critical pieces of experience intelligence and allows
new forms of information to be collected wherever, whenever and
however––an approach missing in the CX industry.

According to Gary King, PhD, distinguished Harvard faculty member, one
of the world’s leading experts on deriving deep meaning from human data,
and InMoment Board Member: “Everyone now has more data than they know
what to do with, but do you have the right data, informative data, data
that can answer your specific business questions? Traditional multiple
choice survey questions learn about customer experiences by forcing them
into preordained categories and so can sometimes destroy the information
you need. InMoment’s approach of analyzing customer experience feedback
in richer formats is what data scientists––and by extension,
businesses––long for. InMoment is tapping into the power of human led,
computer assisted analysis, which will help CX practitioners generate
real intelligence for business.”

The next generation of experience intelligence comes from the ability to
distill all critical signals from across the entire “experience
ecosystem.” InMoment uniquely offers three clouds for Customer
(CX), Employee
(EX), and Market
(MX), all seamlessly connected to provide the most
comprehensive and contextual view of a business’s experiences. XI is the
first of its kind to more deeply represent customers’ relationships with
brands, employees, products, and services—as well as the competition. It
also enables the use of valuable digital behaviors, operational data,
audit data, and marketing technologies and analytics.

“The data from human experiences with a brand is incredibly complex, but
it’s also a very powerful signal to driving better business. Experience
signals can initially appear weak and varied if using legacy approaches,
mainly due to the inability to distinguish signals from noise through
richer context. Realistically, experience data clearly communicates why
a product or service works or doesn’t. Our ‘aha’ moment was to approach
experience intelligence as a big data problem, which wasn’t obvious
since it’s not a large source by volume. But big data doesn’t fit into
yesterday’s IT environments, just like experience data doesn’t fit into
structured surveys. There is tremendous opportunity when you apply a big
data mindset to experience data. The XI Platform is both powerful and
flexible enough to cut through the complexity and hone in on the signals
to find the kind of meaning that promises to transform businesses,” said
Andrew Joiner, InMoment CEO.

Although according to Gartner, 81 percent of companies are competing on
customer experience, most customers still report a gap in what they
expect from brands, and what they actually experience. More importantly,
the majority of companies struggle to identify specific business
benefits from their CX investments, and Forrester’s Harley Manning
declared 2019 “the year CX comes under fire.”

Customer experience management (CEM) vendors have rushed to understand
and address the experience gaps customers face, but because their
platforms were built as rigid survey approaches, their only choice is to
try to fill in gaps of knowledge with more and more questions to their
customers. These detriments to experience are why a new approach is

“Applying an older relational data technology approach to today’s
complex experience data problem is like trying to stream live media
through an 8-track tape. We have architected the XI Platform with a
modern approach to data processing, one that is optimized for data
variety and velocity at scale. We have built a multidimensional
environment where we can store, retrieve, and put the right analytics
lenses to literally any type of data that will add meaningful
intelligence to our understanding. The ability to execute these types of
deep, complex processes in real time, and within a single technology
platform, is unprecedented in our industry,” said David Joiner, CTO and
Head of Engineering at InMoment.

Additional highlights of InMoment’s new XI Platform include:

  • Streaming architecture: The XI architecture is capable of processing
    always-on data streams and analyzing streaming data in real-time to
    extract intelligence.
  • Headless architecture: It can ingest any type of data into a common
    processing platform, regardless of the original source or format.
  • Data lake: The XI Platform is designed to accept data flows from any
    source and store them in their raw, unrefined state for future-proof
    processing and analysis.
  • Feature flags: Give or restrict access by user and feature, providing
    focus and empowering users with the tools they need.
  • Painless adoption: The modern architecture of the XI Platform
    eliminates the need for painful migrations, allowing clients to access
    any existing, plus all new functionality directly from within the new
  • Advanced data integrations: Seamlessly import and export data for
    greater context, improved collaboration and streamlined workflows.
  • Three new clouds: The CX Cloud, EX Cloud and MX Cloud can be used
    individually or in combination to create a holistic view of your
    organization’s experience. Each cloud ingests and collects data from
    virtually any source and then analyzes it using the power of the XI
    Platform, providing actionable intelligence through alerts and
    notifications, reports, dashboards, coaching, recommendations, and
  • Self-administration and engagement: The platform enables a greater
    degree of self administration and engagement with built-in
    customizable navigation, single sign-on, persona-specific onboarding
    and tailored homepage content.

The InMoment XI
will be generally available Summer 2019. For more
information visit

About InMoment

is the leader in Experience Intelligence (XI), transforming metrics into
meaning to drive high-value business decisions and relationships with
both customers and employees. The company’s cloud-native XI Platform is
engineered with data science at the core, and specifically architected
to harness intelligence from across the entire experience ecosystem to
deliver clear business value. The platform features three clouds that
all work seamlessly together to give companies a comprehensive
understanding of the most important factors impacting their bottom
lines, including: Customer Experience (CX) Cloud, Employee Experience
Cloud, and Market Experience Cloud. InMoment’s approach of providing
strategic technical, best practice and thought leadership support
ensures that our nearly 500 brands across 95 countries realize maximum
business impact.


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VP Communications, InMoment
+1 801.230.9399

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