Blockchain Security Leader CertiK Joins the Universal Protocol Alliance

Leading smart contract security and auditing company joins alliance of
blockchain leaders aiming to bring the next 100M users into crypto

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Universal Protocol Alliance, a coalition of leading blockchain
organizations including Bittrex International, Uphold, Brave, Cred,
Blockchain at Berkeley, and BitGo, has announced CertiK,
a technology pioneer in blockchain security and auditing with over $1.2B
in assets secured, has joined the organization. The news was announced
at the Universal Protocol Alliance Council meeting in San Francisco and
was attended by the leadership of the member organizations, media, and
influential members in the world of blockchain.

The Universal Protocol (UP) Alliance is a growing coalition of the
biggest and most respected organizations in the world of blockchain that
have united around a new universal transparent reserve standard that
aims to attract the next 100 million users to cryptocurrency. The
combined expertise of each member organization has enabled the creation
of the Universal
Protocol Platform
, a technology platform that allows for the
minting, custody, and storage of digital ‘proxy’ assets that allow for
better digital asset products, and the introduction of a set of
safeguards required for the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency.

CertiK, founded by Yale Department Chair of Computer Science Zhong Shao
and Columbia University Assistant Professor Ronghui Gu, has developed patented
Formal Verification technologies
combined with best-in-class
security experts to offer smart contract auditing, penetration testing,
and threat detection for blockchain. The company is highly regarded by
leading researchers and premier
, and it recently announced a grant
from IBM
for Professor Gu’s research on the DeepSEA program language
to create formally verified smart contracts in Hyperledger Burrow.

“CertiK is one of the most trusted blockchain security technology
companies in the world and is on the cutting edge of research and
innovation,” said Dan Schatt, Chairman of the Universal Protocol
Alliance and also President of Cred.
“Their involvement in the UP Alliance further demonstrates UPP’s
commitment to smart contract code integrity, transparency and value
substantiation, the foundational elements needed to give everyone the
confidence in using universal tokens the Alliance will be minting the
coming weeks, months and years.”

By joining the UP Alliance, CertiK will lend their smart contract
security, leveraging mathematical proofs to audit a host of tokens that
will be launched on the UP Platform, starting with the Universal Dollar
to be released shortly.

“Bringing the next 100 million users into cryptocurrency is a bold, but
necessary mission for blockchain technology. It is a milestone that
cannot be achieved alone,” said Daryl Hok, COO of CertiK. “We are
honored to join this prestigious group of organizations and excited to
use our technology to provide the most rigorous security assurances and
facilitate greater adoption.”

The UP platform will enable a new world of tokenized digital assets –
ranging from Proxy blockchains such as Bitcoin, to Proxy securities, and
Proxy private equity – and will facilitate the instant and seamless
conversion of different forms of value. In doing so, the UP Platform
will unlock the vast and untapped full potential of blockchain to
transform how individuals and businesses store and transfer value, with
Proxy Tokens representing the next generation of digital money.

The announcement was made at the first UP Alliance Council meeting last
night in San Francisco. The event was attended by member organizations,
media, and blockchain industry leaders including: Brendan Eich, creator
of Javascript and co-Founder of Brave, Michael Arrington, Founder of
TechCrunch and Arrington XRP Capital, Howard Wu, Managing Partner of
Dekrypt Capital, JP Thieriot, CEO of Uphold, and many more.

About the Universal Protocol Alliance

A coalition of cryptocurrency companies and blockchain pioneers, the
Universal Protocol Alliance seeks to accelerate the adoption of
blockchain as a mainstream financial technology by making digital assets
more accessible, secure and convenient to own. The Alliance Members
consist of Bittrex International, Cred, Uphold, Brave Software, CertiK,
Blockchain at Berkeley, and BitGo.

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Media Contact for Universal Protocol:
Addison Huegel

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