Armorblox Brings Textual Understanding to Security, Protecting Against Hackers and Human Error

With $16.5 Million in Funding, Armorblox Uses Deep Learning to Solve
Challenges with Email Security and Data Loss

SUNNYVALE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Armorblox today announced that it has built the world’s first natural
language understanding (NLU) platform for cybersecurity, analyzing
sensitive information in emails and documents, and providing a new way
to intelligently detect, alert and protect against identity-related
attacks and data loss. Closing Series A funding with $16.5 million led
by General Catalyst, Armorblox finally provides a way for organizations
to protect against people-hacking. Armorblox will showcase the new
solution at RSA Conference,
March 4-8 in San Francisco.

“Armorblox is using NLU to solve the number one challenge for CSOs: the
human layer,” said Maurice Stebila, CISO for Harman, a Samsung company.
“By applying NLU, Armorblox is able to address a whole new layer of
security that has been inaccessible to other security solutions: the
content and context of communications. This has been the biggest
challenge and attack vector because hackers know that they can exploit
this weakness.”

With employees communicating through emails and documents on a daily
basis, people-hacking has become the top attack vector for stealing
data. Even when organizations heavily invest in security solutions and
employee training, email continues to be the biggest attack vector,
responsible for 94%1 of all attacks. Hackers are bypassing
traditional metadata-based email security solutions through social
engineering. It is also easy for employees to make mistakes, such as
sending a sensitive document to the wrong person.

“Privacy and data breaches are top of mind. However, extortion and fraud
attacks are becoming more prevalent as well,” according to the Gartner
2019 Planning Guide for Security and Risk Management.2
“Common attacks include ransomware, business email compromise, and
credential phishing and stuffing.”

“We see Armorblox as a valuable platform using AI to analyze the way
people write, and what they write, to catch possible business email
compromises that we could not catch otherwise,” said Chuck Drobny,
president and CEO of GlobaLogix. “Armorblox found an email spoofing me
as the CEO, asking my CFO to make a payment. Other solutions missed it,
and this could have resulted in us cutting a check to someone that
wasn’t authorized.”

How It Works

Armorblox uses deep learning and NLU to detect, respond and protect
against identity-related attacks and data loss. It also provides
fine-grained visibility into sensitive data flowing across an

Armorblox provides:

  1. A natural language engine that derives new insights from
    enterprise communications and data.
  2. Automated policy recommendations by learning what is
    important for the organization.
  3. An alert remediation framework that distributes
    context-sensitive alerts to the relevant users, saving time for the
    security team.

“Organizations using multiple security solutions still fall victim to
social engineering attacks, employee mistakes and insider threats,” said
Steve Herrod, managing director at General Catalyst. “The use of deep
learning to understand textual data is a substantive advance for
enterprise security. We’re excited to see Armorblox solve some of the
biggest challenges for CISOs across multiple categories, such as
security for email and other communication channels, compliance, and

“We’re excited to bring the Armorblox NLU platform to market and empower
employees to better protect company data. Armorblox combines deep
learning and natural language to analyze enterprise data from emails,
documents, and other enterprise apps,” said Dhananjay Sampath,
co-founder & CEO of Armorblox. “Our mission is to reduce time-consuming
workflows for security professionals across detection, incident
response, and compliance.”

Founders and Investors

Armorblox cofounders Dhananjay Sampath, Anand Raghavan, Arjun
Sambamoorthy, and Chetan Anand have a strong track record of building
revolutionary companies, including Netskope, ThoughtSpot, and StackRox.
Investors include Ramu Arunachalam (A Capital), Ron Conway (SV Angel),
Point72 Ventures, Robin Vasan, John Thompson, Gerhard Eschelbeck, Oliver
Friedrichs, and DJ Patil, who bring their vast expertise from
organizations such as Google, Microsoft, Symantec, Splunk, Sophos, and
the White House.


About Armorblox

Armorblox has built the world’s first natural language understanding
platform, providing a new way to intelligently detect, alert and protect
against identity-related attacks and data loss. Enterprises use
Armorblox to automatically create and adapt policies, continuously
measure risk exposure, and reduce alert fatigue. Founded in 2017,
Armorblox is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA and backed by General
Catalyst. For more information, please visit

1 “2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report,” March 2018

2 “Gartner 2019 Planning Guide for Security and Risk
Management,” October 5, 2018


Leslie Kesselring
Kesselring Communications

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