\ Why You Should Steer Your Career Into the Digital Field
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Why You Should Steer Your Career Into the Digital Field

By Brandon Gordon

If you hate your job and want to transition to another field or are in the beginning phases of choosing one, the field that you should enter is digital. There are many different areas within the field such as programming, social media, digital ads, graphic design, ecommerce, and product design. This is where the vast majority of our non labor jobs are located.  If you are like so many individuals, it may be time to transition to a career path that is more fulfilling and exciting. Here is why you should start your career or make a career change into the digital field.

First Of All, Do Your Research On Other Options

Before you make the transition, make sure you investigate all of the career paths that you are interested in. You are probably making a career change because you are either unhappy or are up for new challenges in your professional life. Developing a list of potential careers is very important. Remember that some career fields may require you to get additional training so make sure you understand all of the requirements before changing career paths.

Find Something That Excites You

What are your interests? Do you consider yourself social media savvy? Would you like to learn an entire new, but highly valuable, language in coding? According to Forbes, as many as 95% of individuals out there are in the wrong job. Why not be one of the 5% who finds something that they like? The digital sector provides a multitude of options that are needed in today's workforce. Find your niche and run with it. 

The Environment Is Rewarding And Welcoming

For the most part, these digital teams are pretty closely-knit and constantly work together. Most of these companies and teams provide a family-like environment. This leads to a very open, innovative, and trusting work environment. People work together to accomplish a common goal and feel a sense of team achievement when they do. These departments encourage teams to experiment and be creative, building a foundation of empowering their employees to succeed.

Salaries Are On The Rise

You of course cannot put a price on happiness and comfortability, but you could of course put a price on desired yearly salary. It is nice to think that other factors play a huge role in taking a job, but at the end of the day, salary and growth is near the top of priorities. There is a high demand for digital professional with specific skill-sets and they are ready to compensate accordingly. For example, a web content writer can earn anywhere from $47,000 to $71,000, a SEO Specialist's salary can earn between $52,000-$71,000 and an e-commerce marketing manager is looking at a salary from $87,000 to $120,000. If you work hard, you can command even a larger salary in this growing field.

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