\ Guns N’ Roses Opt for True “Power in Paradise” with the Pulsar EX RT UPS
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Guns N’ Roses Opt for True “Power in Paradise” with the Pulsar EX RT UPS

In the fast-paced, competitive music business where a ‘powerful’ performance is key, MGE Office Protection Systems is delivering solid power protection solutions and receiving standing ovations.  Among the lengthy list of heavy metal rockers that have come and gone over the years, one band has stood the test of time and continues to deliver the edgiest music without a hint of softness, reminding us of classic favorites like “Paradise City” and “Welcome to the Jungle.” Guns N’ Roses, fronted by vocalist Axl Rose, continues to make their mark on the rock scene since their debut in the 80’s.

Through years of equipment struggles and power issues, the band’s technicians have sorted through the mire of faulty solutions and have finally turned to MGE Office Protection Systems for protection of their sensitive equipment. Chris Whitemyer, long-time guitar technician for Guns N’ Roses, trusts MGE Office Protection Systems’ Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs) to safeguard the operations of all amps, special effects and wireless capabilities to ensure a flawless performance on and off stage.

Working one-on-one with eclectic lead guitarist Robin Finck, it is Whitemyer’s duty to assure smooth equipment operations at all times, including the set-up and stringing of all guitars, as well as maintenance of pedals, cables, amplifiers, cabinets and cases. Having heard about MGE Office Protection Systems from a friend who worked with well-known recording artist Seal, Whitemyer decided to give MGE’s power protection solutions a try and has never looked back.

Opting for the Pulsar EX RT 3200 Rack system, Whitemyer was impressed by an integral feature that is unique to MGE Office Protection Systems: the UPS system’s cold start ability. This feature is beneficial because it allows the UPS to be turned on to start up immediately with nearly no lag time. Before choosing the Pulsar EX RT, Whitemyer had never used a system that had the capacity to cold start. In addition, nearly all the UPSs he worked with prior to the Pulsar EX RT had produced an irritating hum. This kind of unwanted feedback could make it difficult to fine tune the sound of the instruments, thereby affecting the overall quality of the music. He is happy that MGE’s Pulsar EX RT encompasses the necessary cold start feature without producing a hum and believes the product is the best on the market.  Whitemyer says, “This unit has worked for Robin and me all over the world. It’s worked when others have failed. It’s now our good luck charm that we go nowhere without.”

Taking a cue from Whitemyer, keyboardist Darren ‘Dizzy’ Reed and guitarist Richard Fortis have also turned to MGE Office Protection Systems’ solutions for the protection of their equipment. Reed, considered one of the last original crew members or Guns N’ Roses, selected both
the Pulsar EX RT 2200 and 3200 UPSs to ensure the power protection of their sensitive keyboard equipment. Fortis, who replaced Paul Tobias as rhythm guitarist, chose the Pulsar EX RT 2200 to safeguard against any power issues that could cause costly equipment damage.

MGE Office Protection Systems proved to be the optimal choice during the “Rock in Rio” concert series in Rio de Janeiro. During an important rehearsal for their 23-song set in a generator-powered studio that they had rented, the crew turned off the generator to fill it with gas. Attached to Whitemyer’s workstation, the Pulsar EX RT system lit up the studio as the crew waited for power to be restored. He recalls, “The crew decided to turn the generator off while they put gas in it, shutting off all power to the studio with no windows.  If not for the MGE cold start, we would have had a few rock stars freaking out in the dark.” 

Equipment dependability is an essential component to the business of rock n’ roll and if equipment operations fail due to power issues, it can be quite costly – financially and in fan base. Temperamental rock stars are known for their outbursts and destructive behaviors when things don’t go smoothly.  Whitemyer mentions a time in Portugal when due to problems with equipment operations, the replacement of two broken basses ended up costing $5,500.  Prior to the use of MGE Office Protection Systems UPSs, the high risk of broken guitars, major temper tantrums and disgruntled fans was a constant issue.

However, with MGE Office Protection Systems’ Pulsar MX RT, equipment dependability for Whitemyer - as well as Reed and Fortis – is no longer an issue due to key elements that the system provides. The Pulsar MX RT provides the band’s sensitive equipment with true on-line double-conversion UPS topology with built-in automatic bypass. Created for a number of industries, the units are designed for robust operation including the ability to add extended battery packs for multi-hour backup times. On-line operation also assures the highest level of power conditioning and optimized battery life as well as compatibility with engine generators for even longer backup requirements. The modular systems are easy to configure and include a number of standard features available only as options on other systems.

As of March 2007, Guns N’ Roses current line-up includes Axl Rose on vocals, Robin Finck and Bumblefoot on lead guitar, Richard Fortis on rhythm guitar, Tommy Stinson on bass guitar, Dizzy Reed and Chris Pitman on keyboards, and Brain and Frank Ferrer on drums. Despite the changes that have been made to the line-up, the band is more powerful than ever with the valuable support from the best power protection solutions in the industry. From Spain to Switzerland, Guns N’ Roses performed over 70 concerts in 2006 with an impressive attendance average of 150,000 fans per concert.  True legends of the rock n’ roll community, the band is set to do a worldwide tour in 2007 after the release of their anticipated album Chinese Democracy. All along the way, whether in studio rehearsals or under the lights of their next high-powered performance, Guns N’ Roses can rely on MGE Office Protection Systems to lead them away from the power outage “jungle” and into the operational smoothness of “paradise city.” 

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