Domestic or International, You Should be Looking to Enroll in Nine University’s Amazon FBA Program During COVID-19

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 13, 2020 / Nine University has gained significant traction these past six-months, as sellers are turning their attention to online programs like Amazon FBA. But what is so special about these programs? Arguably, nothing. It’s the skills these sellers are bringing with them, from the right coaches who know what it means to truly thrive in today’s e-commerce platforms, especially given our global coronavirus pandemic.

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Nine University, launched by Kale Abrahamson and Taylor Hiott, helps train buyers and sellers how to navigate Amazon’s FBA program. Back in January, Abrahamson and Hiott spoke with Forbes about why programs like Nine University are becoming essential for third-party sellers to thrive.

“For years Amazon has had a Brand Registry where a company could become more official on Amazon. That was the highest you could go there,” Abrahamson explained. “Now it sounds like they are taking that to a whole other level.”

In a recent interview with Grit Daily, Abrahamson explained that as it pertains to Amazon’s current landscape, over two-thirds (69%) of Amazon sellers are men, while just over one-quarter (26%) are women.

But while this is a program that any woman or man can succeed in, sellers are not all created equal when we are talking about the necessary skill sets required to thrive, especially during COVID-19.

#1 – Find a Suitable Market to Pierce

Entering into this space requires the seller to genuinely differentiate themselves. There are much better things to sell on Amazon FBA, Abrahamson believes, referring to Nine University’s proprietary software which helps make that possible.

But generally speaking, Nine University encourages its students to stay away from clothing and apparel, whether you are a male or female. “That category has many of the opposite characteristics that we teach our students to look for, such as low margins, extremely well-branded and deep-pocketed competition, and tons of sizes which means tons of SKUs and inventory headaches.”

Yet, as Amazon continues to grow and expand its reach (especially during this pandemic), there are still challenges for both the domestic and international markets when it comes to e-commerce.

“It’s always product product product,” Abrahamson explains, adding that “you must select the right product for that market, and base it on data rather than opinion. At Nine University, we have proprietary software and live consultants 24/7 who help vet these product choices, so you don’t end up selling something with too much competition, not enough demand, and/or simply not enough ROI for you to actually make money.”

#2 – Find an Experienced Mentor/Coach

And adding to Abrahamson’s point above, you are nearly guaranteed to fail if you attempt to shortcut and just bring on anyone as your coach or tutor. Hiring a crappy coach, according to the CEO, is the first challenge to overcome that you want to get out of the way early on.

In our conversation with Abrahamson, it’s nearly impossible to succeed in Amazon’s FBA program without some sort of guide. Oh and if you are looking at out-of-date piecemeal YouTube videos, you will fail. Learn to search the tube for tailored videos–because they may not all be on the first page, you know.

#3 – Accept Your Competition (Otherwise You Just Look Foolish)

Another major no no is recognizing your competition, but ignoring them. Why on earth would you ever do that? Only by studying them, their product, technique and marketing strategies can you build and maintain a strong enough infrastructure so as to compete effectively.

Otherwise, your dogmatic, narrow view of how your competition thrives (or fails) only sets you up for failure. By embracing Amazon’s FBA program in both a domestic and international market, a seller can still demonstrate market attractiveness and relevance.

“It may be the only thing that keeps you relevant during this day and age,” Abrahamson says. “Amazon is absolutely dominant in the U.S. online marketplace, and looks to be headed that direction aggressively overseas. The real question is, can you afford to avoid or ignore Amazon as it takes an ever-increasing market share?”

At the end of the day, Amazon yields some extremely favorable advantages.

“Honestly, just the fact that Amazon now allows us to use their ridiculous, never-before-seen-in-this-world infrastructure,” is one of those appeals. “By attaching yourself to Amazon and letting it handle all the fulfillment side of things (storage, order processing, shipping, etc.), you’ve basically turned your small company into a trillion-dollar enterprise that is capable of delivering goods to customers houses in hours in some cases (rather than days or weeks).”

And that capability, according to Abrahamson, in combination with the trust that Amazon pulls, should never be discounted. “Nine University coaches businesses to piggyback off the most trusted brand name in history (e.g. Amazon), while also building their own brand ‘behind the scenes’ so that they can someday expand off of Amazon if they ever want to. However, many of our students make 6 and 7 figures simply by selling on Amazon. They never create a website or run a single line of code. And they work a few hours a week once everything is scaled up. Pretty incredible.”

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