SharpSpring Announces Program to Pay for HubSpot Partner Program Fees

GAINESVILLE, FL / ACCESSWIRE / February 14, 2020 / SharpSpring, Inc. (NASDAQ:SHSP), a leading cloud-based sales and sales and marketing platform for digital agencies, today announced that it will cover 100% of the $3,600 annual fee for marketing agencies currently enrolled or wishing to enroll in HubSpot’s Solutions Partner Program that join SharpSpring’s Agency Partner Program.*

“Speaking plainly, any chance we have to compare our partner program with HubSpot’s is a win for us,” explained SharpSpring’s Founder and CEO, Rick Carlson. “HubSpot’s decision to relaunch its partner program – which charges agencies, integrators, and service providers as much as $3,600 simply for the right to resell HubSpot products – affords us yet another opportunity to contrast ourselves with HubSpot’s partner model.”

“As a former HubSpot partner, SharpSpring’s commitment to agencies makes it the obvious choice,” said Mike Stanczyk, co-founder of Wallfrog, a SharpSpring Agency Partner. “Their agency-focused pricing, features and overall partnership model are hands-down the best we’ve seen.”

The SharpSpring agency model allows partners to own the relationship with their clients. An agency is free to set their own price and earn hundreds of percentage points of margin or extend SharpSpring’s low cost partner pricing directly to their clients. In contrast, HubSpot asks agencies who pay the $3,600 partner program fee to bring their clients to HubSpot, and then pays the agency a 20% commission.

“I’ve been growing my agency for years with SharpSpring, and they’ve been focused on agencies like me since the beginning,” said Yusuf Young, CEO of Funnelbud, a SharpSpring Agency Partner. “I’d definitely encourage agencies to take advantage of this offer.”

“Hundreds of former HubSpot agency partners have joined SharpSpring, and today we believe we are the fastest growing partner program among digital marketing agencies with more than 2,000 partners,” said Carlson.

SharpSpring does not charge partners a separate fee to join its partner program. The only cost goes directly toward full-featured licenses that cost an agency partner less than 1/10th cost of an equivalent HubSpot license. SharpSpring has also built a suite of agency-focused features, including agency-client management tools, an agency billing console, and the ability to rebrand the entire platform – plus a free license for the agency to grow its own business.

“We know that when a marketing agency hears what we offer, they sign up with us. For this reason, we are taking the unusual step of offering to pay 100% of the HubSpot Partner Program fees to any partner that learns about our program and ultimately joins SharpSpring,” said Carlson.

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*This offer does not apply to current SharpSpring agency partners or agencies already working with a SharpSpring salesperson. To qualify, agencies must sign an annual agreement with SharpSpring and pay $3,600 upfront, which SharpSpring will use to pay the HubSpot partner program fees upon partner’s request. SharpSpring reserves the right to disqualify an agency at its discretion. Offer ends March 31, 2020.

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