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Video:  3 Baton Rouge football players commit to Ivy League...

3 Baton Rouge football players commit to Ivy League...

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BATON ROUGE, LA (FOX44) -  National Signing day is the culmination of hard work dedication for high school athletes everywhere. In Baton Rouge, over 50 students signed a letter of intent today. But three students, who we will refer to as the Ivy 3...will be taking their talents to schools that have more Rhodes scholars than Athletic scholars. "Spencer Klein Peter, Cornell University." "Daniel James, Yale University." "Jyron Walker, University of Pennsylvania." Football is a way of life here in Baton Rouge...but when it came time for Kleinpeter...James...and Walker to pick where they would play football at the next level...they were thinking beyond the field. "I feel like going to a school like Yale, my opportunities are endless, I can pretty much do what I want to do. I can become the President of the United States maybe if I want to," said James, who is currently a Senior at McKinley High School. "Football can't last forever. So getting an education from one of those schools and the networking that they do and the job opportunities after college was the biggest things that made me want to go," said Walker, who is currently at Dunham High School. "My Mom always told me, I can't go anywhere without my education," added Kleinpeter, a Episcopal High senior. They are more than ready for a top notch education...but the winters up north...that may be a different story. "I know it's going to be hard..very tough," said Walker. "I visited in December and it was 19 degrees and rainy and it was probably the worst time of my life," said Kleinpeter. "I don't know if I am necessarily ready but I feel like it is worth it. I can be cold for 4 or 5 years," added James. The trio went to separate high schools, but have been friends for a while, and are excited to continue their athletic rivalries amongst each other in college. "Two people who have aspirations like I have. Two people who want to leave Louisiana to broaden their horizons, it's going to be amazing. Win or lose, I can't wait to play against them," said Kleinpeter.   Read More >>

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